Satisfaction with the us president: three times thomas for trump

Donald Trump has now been U.S. president for 100 days. Are his voters happy with what he’s delivering? A visit to West Virginia.

Thomas "Thomas II." Reynolds, garage manager and Trump supporter Photo: Dorothea Hahn

Business is better than ever at "Triple T." In the small workshop on a bend in old State Road 55 at the end of Baker, a shiny black and red 1957 Hudson road cruiser is getting a replacement engine and a rusty pickup truck a new trailer hitch this morning. There are dozens of vehicles sitting around the lot to the next cow pasture that have been repaired but not yet picked up. And in the office, the phone rings every few minutes.


Figures from the federal statistical office: rail travel more expensive, flying cheaper

Unecological pricing policy: The cost of long-distance bus and rail tickets has risen. Flying domestically, on the other hand, has become cheaper.

Much too expensive, despite VAT reduction: tickets of Deutsche Bahn Photo: dpa

Traveling by train within Germany has become more expensive in recent years, but prices for domestic flights have fallen. That is according to figures published by the Federal Statistical Office on Friday.


Customs officer on record cocaine find: “there was a bit of luck involved”.

Hamburg Customs has seized 4.5 tons of cocaine – a record find. Press officer Oliver Bachmann explains what happens to the coke.

The man with the coke is here: customs were able to seize 4.5 tons of cocaine in Hamburg Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Bachmann, Hamburg Customs has announced that it recently seized four and a half tons of cocaine on a cargo ship in the Port of Hamburg. Street value: around one billion euros. How did the find come about?


Werder bremen bids farewell to ailton: aaaa-ilton, ha-ha-haa

As a farewell, Werder Bremen is once again celebrating ex-striker Ailton. Many have looked down on the Brazilian.

Celebrated once again: Ailton (archive photo 2013). Image: dpa

"Ailton, oho! Ailton, ohohoho!", the Werder fans will sing with full fervor one last time on Saturday. The arena in Bremen has been sold out for weeks. The now 41-year-old Brazilian has become a living Werder legend and will now be honored with a farewell game and certainly many noble speeches. And it doesn’t take much imagination to picture the vocabulary from which the farewell speakers will draw.


Union and afd prevent kpd commemoration: reichstag without karl and rosa

The Left Party wanted to commemorate the founding of the KPD in 1918 in the Bundestag. But AfD and Union prevented this.

The founding congress of the KPD did not go well for them: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg Photo: dpa

"I have the conviction that you want to make your radicalism a bit comfortable and quick," said Rosa Luxemburg on December 30, 1918, at the founding congress of the KPD. The congress did not go well for Karl Liebknecht and her. Both pleaded to participate in the Reichstag election. But the majority rejected participation in the election and opted for radical action.


Controversial monument in italy: so open, so brutal

Indro Montanelli is considered the godfather of journalism in Italy. Because he was a racist rapist, some are calling for the statue to be torn down.

Racist rapist in bronze: The alienated statue of Indro Montanelli in Milan Photo: Flavio Lo Scalzo/Reuters

Indro Montanelli has been lucky once again. In various countries, statues have recently been put to the sword, landing in harbor basins because slave traders and racists were worshipped there. But the larger-than-life Montanelli is still enthroned in Milan, bent over his typewriter, in the centrally located park that bears his name: "Giardini Montanelli.


Mourning for murdered teacher near paris: the reserved monsieur paty

Friends describe the man killed by an Islamist as an even-tempered character. It was not his style to pour oil on the fire.

Memorial: In front of the school where Samuel Paty worked Photo: Michel Euler/ap

In Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, about a thousand students gathered with their parents, colleagues, some representatives of the authorities and other fellow citizens the morning after the murder of a history teacher at the local middle school. They laid flowers at the scene of the crime. Some of the young people reportedly saw on their Snapchat groups the macabre picture the assassin had published of the decapitated victim on Twitter.


Study on cocoa production: child labor for chocolate

A new study proves exploitation in Africa in cocoa production. In Ivory Coast and Ghana alone, 1.5 million children are affected.

A girl carries a basket of cocoa pods at a plantation in Luwu, Indonesia Photo: Yusuf Ahmad/reuters

Sweet cocoa without child labor? For the Inkota network, an association of non-governmental organizations founded in 1971, that sounds unlikely. Consumers in Germany must assume that there is a high probability that their chocolate bar contains exploitative child labor, Inkota stressed on Tuesday, referring to a new study by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago.


Walking as a profession: out of the house, straight ahead

Martin Schmitz is a walk scientist and thus a representative of a discipline in which it is not just a matter of reflective walking around.

Martin Schmitz on the move in Berlin Photo: Doro Zinn

He carries an elegant walking stick in his hand, hiking boots on his feet, and a backpack with books he publishes himself on his back: Martin Schmitz, born in 1956, is a walking scholar. His great teacher: Lucius Burckhardt. He invented the discipline that Schmitz now teaches at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in the 1980s – as an approach for urban and landscape planners. He was a "polymath," as Martin Schmitz describes him, a critic of science and a go-getting spirit.


Dispute over car traffic in berlin: building bridges between red and green

Transport policy will become an election campaign issue. The SPD wants to present itself as a friend of small car drivers. Only not in Mitte.

What should it look like in the future? The Muhlendamm bridge, here still completely in the GDR style Photo: dpa

Berlin’s SPD recently had its sights set on Environment and Transportation Senator Regine Gunther. The comrades gave the Green senator a run for her money with her climate package in the Senate – wisely ignoring the fact that all SPD senate administrations had already given their approval.