Asia travel destinations

Asia is the largest and most densely populated continent, found primarily in the northern and eastern hemispheres of the world. It shares the land mass of Eurasia with North America, with the western part of the Asian continent and Central Asia together forming the Middle East. Asia as a continent covers almost the whole surface of the earth, and Asia has a population of over five billion people.

asia travel destinations

The countries of India, China and Bangladesh form the vast Hindu Muslims-Maidan triangle which accounts for about half the area of Asia. A great wall of land, known as the Great Wall of China has been a fortress and protection for China for many centuries. India and China are also home to some of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, so an India itinerary will include the wonderful Buddhist monasteries in India and the beautiful Tibetan monasteries in China.

The country of India is the largest democracy in the world, and is a hugely popular tourist destination. Delhi, the capital city of India, is a very important spot on an India itinerary. This city is the gateway to all areas of India and also has many other important cities and towns such as Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. A great wall, called the Great Wall of China has been a defence barrier for China for many hundreds of years. India is a land of great diversity and one can’t do without visiting the religious shrines of India such as Varanasi, Meghalaya and Punjab. All this and more make for a fantastic India itinerary.

Southeast Asia is made up of countries including Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. The countries most frequently included in this section of the continent are Indonesia – the world’s most populated island – with Surabaya, North and South Borneo, each with their own unique charm, each with its own people and festivals. There are several stunning beaches along the south east coast of Asia. These countries also have some of the most spectacular and varied forested landscapes in the world. The tropical forest of Borneo is home to many of these countries best wildlife species. The tropical forest of central Asia also provides habitats for many of the countries most endangered animal species.

The Middle East is an important part of the continent. It houses many countries with historic and cultural importance to the region, as well as modern-day multinational corporations. The UAE is probably the only country in the Middle East which can boast a coastline as large as the Arabian Sea. Other countries include Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Asia travel destinations are often overlooked by western tourists. Asia’s natural beauty is just as incredible as any other part of the planet, so don’t let the size of the continent intimidate you! It is an enormous continent full of countries and varied cultures with a stunning range of landscapes from mountainous jungle to sandy desert. The next time you travel to Asia, don’t forget to bring your passport and take a look at some of the amazing places that are waiting for you there! You may well find that these countries hold the key to a wonderful holiday!


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