Solidarity and the bremen left

When seven Polish trade unionists were stranded at the Bremen train station on December 13, 1981, many Bremen leftists did not know how to fit them into their friend/foe scheme. A new book from Bremen tells of the difficult rapprochement.

The members of the Bremen Solidarność office in front of its entrance. Not everyone was spontaneously in solidarity Photo: Edition Falkenberg

By Klaus Wolschner


Feature film debut “you tell me” in the cinema: “wat?” as a philosophical question

The feature film "Sag du es mir" tells a crime in several versions. Along the way, it shows relationships that are characterized by non-communication.

Monika (Gisa Flake) and Silke (Christina Grobe) in search of the truth in "Sag du es mir" Photo: Missing Films

The film "Rashomon," Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 examination of the themes of truth, guilt and cause, gave rise to a certain term in jurisprudence and philosophy: the "Rashomon effect" refers to the fundamental unreliability of eyewitnesses.


Sky’s own production “8 days”: end-time porn in eight parts

In the Sky series "8 Days," the end of the world looms – including chainsaw massacre and crucifixion. Nothing has been thought through to the end.

It’s cool: Sitting in the car at the end of the world Photo: Stephan Rabold

"The Planetary Defense Coordination Office had to admit in the early hours of this morning that the rocket mission failed against all calculations. […] The stream of refugees does not stop. The asteroid Horus is still on a collision course with the E …" it sounds from the car radio.


School starts in berlin: with mixed feelings

On August 10, school starts under Corona conditions. What do those affected have to say about it? We asked three students for their opinions.

The order of the day (hanging in a hallway of an elementary school) Photo: picture alliance/dpa

As of August 10, 2020, more than 335,000 students will be able to go back to school (almost) normally, and about 37,000 first graders will start on it on Saturday, August 15. What are the specifications? And what are the expectations among the students? Three of them have their say here:


Warning against traveling to spain: the season is probably in the bucket

Only for the Canary Islands, the Foreign Office can not recognize an increased corona risk. In Spain, one is little edified about German categorizations.

TUI has already taken Mallorca out of the offer Photo: unsplash/Courtney Moore

The news hit Spain like a bomb late Friday afternoon. "Warnings are currently being issued against non-essential, tourist travel to Spain, with the exception of the Canary Islands, due to high infection rates," has since been posted on the website of the German Foreign Office.


Switzerland disputes halal meat: the agony of slaughtering

Do animals have to suffer unnecessarily during slaughter without stunning? Switzerland is debating an import ban on kosher and halal meat.

Protests against slaughter are also taking place in Germany, here in Berlin in 2012 Photo: reuters

Summer slump? Not at all. Switzerland is excitedly debating a ban on imports of slaughtered meat during the news-poor period. A ban would affect the country’s roughly 18,000 Jews and 320,000 Muslims. They rely on importing kosher and halal meat from abroad, as slaughter, the stunning of animals, has been banned in Switzerland since 1893.


Sardine demos in italy: with attitude, but without a plan

Performances by Muslimas and refugees in Rome are meant to show: The Sardines are anti-racist and inclusive. But a clear program is missing so far.

Some of thousands of demonstrators in Rome on Saturday Photo: dpa

Just a good minute spoke on Saturday afternoon Nibras Asfa before the tens of thousands who had gathered in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome for the rally of the Sardines, but at the end there was tumultuous applause. The young woman, who wore a hijab during her appearance, first read out Article Three of the Italian Constitution. This guarantees all citizens the same rights: "without distinction of sex, race, language or religion.


Implementation of the cycling act: the color miracle of berlin

An end to the dreary daily routine of cycling: in 20, up to 20 kilometers of bike lane will be marked in green, the Senate announces. And that’s not all.

Not every bike is mobile … Photo: dpa

Cyclists have very different approach techniques: One shifts down to first at a red light and then up again, the other stays constantly in high gear and starts off tightly standing. But both start slowly.


Show about food of the future: cultivating rottenness

Transhumanism is the magic word of the "Food Revolution 5.0" exhibition in Hamburg. It aims to take a critical look at eating habits.

Expanded digestive system, Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby Photo: J. Evans

You eat more with a small fork. That’s when you panic about not getting enough and shovel it in. Even with foods high in sugar, salt and fat, we eat too much, and the brain doesn’t notice until 20 minutes later that nothing fits. The antidote? Forks with giant tines and labyrinthine plate hoods that slow down the pace.