Manager heidel on mainz 05: “a good corner found”.

Only second in the Bundesliga! Christian Heidel, manager of Mainz 05, on a nice crisis and the club’s future in the new stadium.

Deserted by luck? Mainz players after a defeat. Image: dapd

site: Mr. Heidel, FSV Mainz has been hailed as the league’s high-flyer for months, but now your club has suffered four defeats in five competitive games. A crisis is being attributed to you, and it is said that Thomas Tuchel no longer has a plan. Is the business crazy?


Dealing with jair bolsonaro: europeans would have to pay much more

Instead of criticizing, Europeans would have to offer Brazil’s president money. A lot of money. That’s the only way to prevent the destruction of the rainforest.

Fine words will fall flat. What counts is financial aid for Brazil Photo: reuters

Macron is a doer. Macron cares. Also and especially for matters of international urgency. For example, France’s president first single-handedly put the fire disaster in the South American rainforest on the agenda when it was denounced up and down social media. With a generous gesture, the G7 heads of government then announced on Monday after their meeting: 20 million euros in emergency aid for the burning Amazon. This is to involve technical and financial aid to fight the fires and repair the damage. The UK is contributing around half of this.


Writings on anarchy and free love: mr. Rossi seeks happiness

Giovanni Rossi founded the Cecilia colony in Brazil in 1890. His reports tell of a utopia that became a dazzling experiment.

A landscape that invites utopian experiments: the southern Brazilian region of Parana Photo: imago/Westend61

Sometimes it’s not that far from utopia to reality. Even if that seems hard to imagine today, in an age when serious discussions about revolutionary concepts for the future and society are often confined to "think tanks" and university seminars.


Reusable waste collection: municipalities bag yellow bags

50 cities and municipalities are switching to new collection bins starting in January. Some are taking advantage of this to introduce a recycling garbage can.

Yellow sacks for packaging waste will be history in many cities Photo: imago

From the sack to the garbage can – in the new year, more than 50 municipalities will change the way they dispose of packaging waste. They will no longer distribute yellow bags to households, but instead place yellow garbage cans in front of their doors.


After ceasefire in nagorno-karabakh: only the ashes of their houses remain

Armenia has to cede a first territory to Azerbaijan. People flee in motorcades from the Kalbajar region to nearby Armenia.

Before leaving Kalbajar in Nagorno-Karabakh, residents set fire to their houses Photo: Dmitry Lovetsky/ap

Armenia has lost the war over Nagorno-Karabakh. Now Armenians are leaving their homes in Kalbajar (Armenian: Karvachar). By November 25, Yerevan must hand over control of this district to Azerbaijan. Russian peacekeepers are now stationed there. According to the cease-fire agreement, the districts of Aghdam (by November 20) and Lashin (by December 1) must also be ceded to Azerbaijan thereafter.


Celebrity photographer sentenced: gronemeyer acted in self-defense

Two celebrity photographers receive a fine and a year’s probation. They had accused musician Herbert Gronemeyer of an attack.

Gronemeyer had not attacked the photographers, the court says – they had provoked him Photo: dpa

In the trial of false accusations against Herbert Gronemeyer, the Cologne Regional Court has sentenced two press photographers to one-year suspended sentences. They must also pay fines. According to the court, the photographers had lured the singer into a trap during a meeting at Cologne-Bonn Airport at the end of 2014.


Police violence at climate demo in vienna: almost an accident

Videos show how Vienna police almost run over a man with their car during a demonstration. A tragedy was narrowly averted.

A demonstrator between police officers during the climate protests in Vienna Photo: dpa

If you look at a video that has been published on Twitter for a few days, you can get the impression that the police action at the climate protests in Vienna last Friday almost cost a human life. The video shows a man being restrained on the ground by two officers of the Vienna State Police. The detained man is lying, pinned down, directly in front of a police van and his head is being pulled towards the van. A short time later, the car rolls away. At the last moment, the officers pull the body of the victim away – the footage suggests that otherwise his head would simply have been run over by the rear wheel.