Billionaires of the world: rich, richer, gates

Their economic output exceeds that of Japan: there are 1867 dollar billionaires worldwide. If you are looking for one in Germany, you have a good chance in Hamburg.

A status symbol that is sure to be in the possession of one or two billionaires: Rolls Royce. Image: imago/Ralph Peters

The number of dollar billionaires and their wealth have continued to rise sharply worldwide. According to the Shanghai Hurun magazine’s rich list on Wednesday, the number of dollar billionaires grew by 414 to a record 1867, with the strong surge in the U.S. stock market and the rapid development of information technology as the driving forces behind the growing wealth of the super-rich.

According to the report, the total wealth of all billionaires exceeds the economic output of Japan, the third-largest economy. 946 of the 1867 billionaires saw their fortunes rise, 152 of them by more than 50 percent.

Only 318 billionaires had less money than the year before. The USA and China dominate the list with 4 billionaires respectively. Russia, Great Britain and India follow.

And the richest of the rich comes from the USA and is called Bill Gates. For the first time in three years, he is back at the top of the list with an estimated fortune of $68 billion, followed by Warren Buffett, Amanico Ortega and Carlos Slim. The average age of billionaires is 64, but 26 people under 40 also made the list, including Snapshot founders and Whatsapp founders.

Technology overtook real estate as the most common source of wealth. New York surpassed Moscow as the capital of the rich – followed by Hong Kong, Beijing and London.

Hamburg is the city in Germany with the most billionaires. Bielefeld is in second place. According to the list, 94-year-old Karl Albrecht of the Aldi Sud retail chain is the richest German with $29 billion and ranks 21st in the world. He is followed by Dieter Schwarz, who owns Lidl and Kaufland, with $28 billion.

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