Werder bremen bids farewell to ailton: aaaa-ilton, ha-ha-haa

As a farewell, Werder Bremen is once again celebrating ex-striker Ailton. Many have looked down on the Brazilian.

Celebrated once again: Ailton (archive photo 2013). Image: dpa

"Ailton, oho! Ailton, ohohoho!", the Werder fans will sing with full fervor one last time on Saturday. The arena in Bremen has been sold out for weeks. The now 41-year-old Brazilian has become a living Werder legend and will now be honored with a farewell game and certainly many noble speeches. And it doesn’t take much imagination to picture the vocabulary from which the farewell speakers will draw.


Remunicipalization next part: question marks in karl-marx-allee

State secretary won’t say until Friday how many tenants want to help protect themselves from takeover by Deutsche Wohnen.

From Karl-Marx-Allee to Protest-Allee, yeah! Photo: Andreas Hergeth

Is it fewer tenants after all who want to take part in the Karl-Marx-Allee preemption scheme against the little-loved private company Deutsche Wohnen? After the deadline for submitting the necessary documents, leading politicians did not want to commit themselves concretely to a very high level of participation. Building Senator Katrin Lompscher and parliamentary group leader Carola Bluhm (both from the Left Party) spoke of a "great leap of faith" and a "great success," but otherwise only of the fact that the necessary hurdle of 26 percent tenant participation had been cleared. On Wednesday, Friedrichshain’s city councilor for construction, Florian Schmidt (Greens), had still mentioned an interim status of 70 percent and hoped for 80 percent.


Comment action against parking violators: tow them away! All of them!

With yellow cards and balloons, pedestrian and bicycle activists protest against parking violations. This is well-intentioned – but far too defensive.

This is how much consideration car drivers often show: none at all Photo: dpa

In many cities in Germany, motorists can expect protests this week: Cyclists and pedestrians want to mark vehicles with yellow cards and balloons that block bike lanes or intersections, or protect bike lanes with cones against parking.