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<p>When you hire a Cunard Travel Agent you are not hiring a planner. You can expect all your questions to be answered promptly and professionally. Your travel itinerary is the responsibility of the Cunard travel agency, and not necessarily that of the cruise ship. All reservations are made between you and the ship’s Captain. This includes all cruises, which are operated in several different ways, each varying by the length of your voyage.</p>
<p>All trips are scheduled throughout the year, with special voyages in some destinations. A Cunard Travel Agent can help you plan these special cruises as well as guide you to your hotel or other accommodation during your time on board. Once aboard, you will have access to a wealth of services, including fitness instructors, spas, pools, and a casino. These services are arranged through your travel agent, and not through the cruise ship.</p>
<p>The benefits of having a Cunard Travel Agent include many special benefits including discounted fares, free meals, free entertainment for children and seniors, and a complimentary internet time plan. Your discounted fares will help defray the costs of special excursions and tours, as well as your daily meals, snacks, and drinks. These discounts are available for all Cunard voyages, regardless of the length of your stay.</p>
<p>At the end of every three-night or seven-night voyage, your travel agent will arrange for you to receive a free Caribbean Cruise T-shirt. If you stay aboard one of the longer voyages, your freebies will include eight nights in a stateroom. You also get a free round-trip ticket for all future Cunard voyages, whether they are seven nights or fourteen nights. With a paid membership, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a member of Cunard for any length of time. After your membership is complete, you will have the opportunity to purchase your own Cunard cruise vacation package.</p>
<p>Cunard Travel Agents has the knowledge and resources available to help you get the most out of your Caribbean Cruise experience. They will help you select the right cruise package for you, based on your preferences and financial information. Members of Cunard travel agents can call upon them at any time, day or night, to make changes to their itinerary, and to request a refund if the Caribbean Cruise is canceled for any reason. Senior officers have access to the exclusive benefits of Cunard’s Service Level Agreement (SLAA). This agreement establishes how an employee may be eligible to use their benefits during the course of his or her employment with the Company. In addition to the discounted fares that are offered to their customers, the travel agents may also assist with providing emergency accommodation and travel documents.</p>
<p>A Cunard Travel Agent may also provide a complimentary onboard credit to their customers. This onboard credit is intended to cover meals, tickets for the parlor, and small expenditures such as pictures, gifts, and souvenirs. At the conclusion of each seven-day voyage, the Company offers free admission to its main office. You may be entitled to one free night in this elegant, historic building, depending on your age and place of residence.</p>
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On successful voyages, a Cunard Travel Agent will receive a certificate or "C" form for the number of nights they have served as a member of the Company. When you present this form to the Membership Department, you must prove that you are a Cunard Travel Agent and that you have been a member of the Company for at least three years. Cunard representatives will also be able to obtain discounts on purchases made at the Company’s main offices or on cruises scheduled through them. To further increase their incentive to maintain the quality of their ships, Cunard Travel Agents are also allowed to enroll in the Company’s complimentary internet time plan. By purchasing a one-day membership, you will receive unlimited access to online travel information, a free flight log, and a free booking reference number.

Cunard Travel Agents may also sign up for a "World Club" registration. Members of the "World Club" are able to reserve a free passage for five to seven nights on any of Cunard voyages in Europe or Asia. The benefits may include trips to extraordinary places, exclusive conveniences, dining experiences, and access to extraordinary activities and amenities.