Hotels in vancouver, british columbia – travelodge courtenay

Hotels in vancouver, british columbia - travelodge courtenay

Travelodge Courtenay BC offers guests many ways to stay at their hotels in British Columbia. Whether you are looking for luxury accommodations or just want to get away from the busy city streets, there are many options for you to choose from. In addition, when staying at a Travelodge hotel in Courtenay BC, you will enjoy access to many outdoor activities and events that you may not find in other areas of British Columbia. If you are planning on traveling to Canada in the future, you should definitely consider staying at a Travelodge while in the area.

One of the best things about choosing a Travelodge hotel in Courtenay is the fact that you will have many amenities and facilities right onsite. There are many spas, pools, heated walking trails, golf courses, hiking paths, tennis courts, a spa and much more right where you stay. The hotel offers many shuttle services to and from the airport and you can book rooms at this hotel even if you are travelling alone.

The facilities and amenities available at Travelodge Courtenay are top notch. Their meeting rooms and conference rooms are large with comfortable seating and are perfect for corporate meetings and family gatherings. There are also many banquet halls and restaurant locations where you can enjoy lunch or dinner during your stay. You can dine at The Ritz Carlton or The Fairmont Royal Gorge and both offer scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. The hotel also has two indoor pools for you to swim in as well as a heated outdoor swimming pool. When you feel like getting away from it all, you can book a room at the Four Seasons Resort.

Many of the luxurious accommodations at Travelodge Courtenay are available on site as well. They have a full service event planning business on hand and you can even reserve your room and rent any of the restaurant and/or bar spaces when you check in. The hotel even offers guest chefs on site to whip up some of the best meals you have ever had while you are staying at the hotel. You can relax and unwind at the marina across the street from the hotel at Freights End. There is so much to do and see while you stay at Travelodge.

You can get great transportation to and from the hotel when you stay at Travelodge Courtenay. There are numerous transportation options including: the world’s largest indoor ski slope, The Snow Summit, a motor coach with heated window and snow plow, and a shuttle every half hour to and from the airport. You can also take a train to downtown Vancouver. There are also many B-line bus routes to take you anywhere you want to go in town. The hotel also has a ferry every twenty minutes from the airport to downtown Vancouver.

No matter how you plan to get from the Travelodge Courtenay B-station to your downtown accommodations, you will be able to do so in no time at all. The Travelodge hotels offer fantastic customer service, delicious cuisine, convenient locations, luxurious amenities, and attractive room rates. It doesn’t get any better than this for a vacation stay. Vacationers can come and go as they please, stay as long as they want, and enjoy everything they want to do in the city while they are here.


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