Precautions when using a traveling gun irrigation system

Traveling gun irrigation systems are the ultimate travel in irrigation. A high-speed electric motor is installed in an underground tank and water is pumped through a precision water control valve, controlled by a hydraulic motor or solenoid. When the fluid is pumped into the underground tank, it forms a pressure field that draws material to the surface through the fine pores in the porous rock and soil. Solids that cannot move, cannot be pushed or pulled into the gun nozzle; they are drawn to the surface and then deposited.

traveling gun irrigation systems

High-speed electric motors can be run on either solar or battery power. A solar-powered gun irrigation system will require more of your time and money as you will have to watch for the sunlight during daylight hours and recharge your battery every night. On the other hand, a battery-powered system will require less monitoring and recharging and will only be needed for a short period of time during any irrigation project.

The size of your gun and its overall performance will depend upon the size and shape of your irrigation system. If you are installing a large gun, you will need a powerful and portable pump. If you are installing a smaller gun, you will probably be able to use a slow-acting, hand-held remote control system or a gravity-fed, hydroelectric-powered unit.

Many commercial companies are now installing guns on their own site. A good company will have an experienced professional to install the system, especially if this is their first time doing so. The guns are usually installed in an open area where there are no electrical wires to run over or around. Professional installation will ensure that the system will work correctly both in and out of the ground.

You should also ask your installer about the power source. An appropriate source for your gun will depend upon the pressure of the water you expect to be using. Low-pressure streams require a low-voltage pump. High-pressure streams, such as that generated by a steam engine will require a high-voltage pump. If you do not already have this information, ask your installer.

You may be able to install your system using solar power. If you have access to hot water from a solar power plant, this might be the best option for you. However, if you do not, you can still install your gun using a standard household pump. Just make sure you make use of a high-voltage pump that can handle the pressure of the water from your solar generator.

On a related note, no matter what type of pressure source you use for your traveling gun, you should keep the house clean at all times. It’s not good practice to let dirt build up between the hoses as this can reduce the efficiency of the system. A properly maintained irrigation system can increase the lifespan of your gun and decrease your maintenance costs.

Finally, it’s important that you properly maintain your gun irrigation systems. The hose, pump and other components can become worn out over time. It is not a good practice to only treat water once a week or so. This regular maintenance will help ensure that your gun irrigation system is always working at its optimal level.

When looking for a company to install and repair your irrigation systems, be sure to ask about warranties. Some companies offer full one year warranties on their equipment and parts. Others offer a limited warranty to protect against manufacturing defects. Regardless of whether you choose a limited or full warranty, purchasing from a company with a long track record for excellent customer service is always a great idea.

There are also a few things you should be aware of. When traveling with your gun irrigation systems, it is vital that you never bring more than two pails or totes with you. This is because carrying more than this load causes strain on the tanks which will ultimately shorten their lifespan. Similarly, when transporting your gun irrigation systems, it is critical that you never overload the hoses. This will cause them to rupture and leak. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions in terms of the weight that is appropriate to carry with your gun irrigation systems.

Finally, do your research before purchasing. You want to make sure that you get a quality system that is top rated. You should also be sure to purchase a traveling gun irrigation system that meets or exceeds your expectations in terms of ease of operation and ease of installation. By following these steps and precautions, you can feel confident that your traveling gun system will provide you with years of trouble free irrigation of your landscape plants and landscaping materials. In addition to this, you will find that your plants will grow stronger and healthier. This will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your yard for years to come.


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