Raed saleh on wowereit successor: “migration background by chance”.

where the Left Party says: the SPD copied that from us.

The Left Party didn’t have the strength to implement it – we did it in the grand coalition. It’s important to look at the balance sheet, and the balance sheet of the parliamentary group is quite respectable.

What then is your image of a governing mayor? First and foremost, to make sure that everyday life works with housing, traffic, jobs and security? Or to be the man for the big visions?

We have made good progress in the areas you mention. That is the result of hard work and political craftsmanship. Berliners rightly expect a government to organize things well on a day-to-day basis. But we also need a vision and a project together. I want our vision for the city to answer the following questions: How do we create a new togetherness? How do we make Berlin a city of advancement? How do we get Berlin in good economic shape?

Klaus Wowereit ultimately stumbled over the mishaps at BER. What would you do differently?

Klaus Wowereit is not solely responsible for the airport. It is too often forgotten that Brandenburg and the federal government also have a share in it. And that Bosch and Siemens, two of Germany’s most renowned companies, were involved.

But the people of Berlin see things differently. For them, Wowereit is the culprit – otherwise he, for years the undisputedly most popular politician in the country, would not have been in a tailspin from the moment the breakdowns became apparent.

Still, that doesn’t have to be right.

In 2011, you were against it, but you couldn’t prevent Wowereit from forming a coalition with the CDU. Will there be a red-green coalition with you as head of government in 2016 or, if that alone is not enough, a red-red-green coalition?

I work well and reliably with the CDU. The coalition has launched many good projects, it will last until September 2016, and we’ll discuss everything else after the next election.

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