Southeast asia travel package: vietnam, laos, thailand, cambodia, vietnam – experience the rich culture & history

asia travel package

There are many Asia travel packages offered to travelers each year. In fact, there are as many choices as there are destinations. These packages can be tailored to meet the needs of individual travelers or they can be tailored for groups of friends or colleagues. Choosing a vacation in Asia gives you the opportunity to experience foods from all around the world and to bask in the beauty of Asia’s most beautiful places. If you’re ready to get away but aren’t sure how to start planning your trip, here are some tips for getting the best Asian luxury hotel.

First, know what kind of Asian travel package you need. There are as many different kinds of Asian tours as there are destinations. Consider whether you want to see more of Asia or just visit Asia. Many Asian tours include trips to other countries, but if you want to experience Asia all-around, you’ll want to select asia luxury tour packages that cover that. Some Asia tours include travel to Vietnam and other Asian countries as part of the itinerary, but you should make sure you get enough of a view of Asia so you can really appreciate the culture and landscape.

Consider what kinds of food you want to try during your travels. An Asia travel package might include a special meal or cuisine you want to try. You can usually book a room at a local restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Many ta prohmai also offer evening and weekend breakfast or lunch specials.

Your itinerary can also depend on where you want to go. If you’re interested in visiting Thailand and the beaches along the Gold Coast, an all-inclusive Thailand travel package might suit you best. However, if you like the quieter side of Cambodia, a customized Cambodia tour package may be the route you want to take. There are numerous hidden beaches and trekking routes in Cambodia, which could be included in a tailor-made Southeast Asian holiday package. The most popular trekking route in Cambodia passes through the famous Phnom Phen city, where you can get a taste of Vietnamese culture and enjoy a relaxed meal at a quaint tables.

Thailand offers more attractions than just the beaches. In addition to Phuket, Thailand has other natural wonders including the Khmer ruins at Sihanoukville, the limestone island of Ko Phi, the limestone coast of Muay Thai island, and of course the awesome Khmer heritage architecture at Siem Reap. An all-inclusive Thailand tour package may include a visit to these and other famous destinations. Your travel agent will help you decide what to do first and then help you find the most attractive tourist spots based on your preferences. If you prefer to eat out at a local restaurant, a tailored Cambodia tour package will offer you the information you need to find one in Phnom Phen or the neighboring cities. Some of the best places for backpackers to eat in Phnom Phen include La Tram, A Phi’s Restaurant, and A Doo’s restaurant.

Vietnam is also another destination in southeast Asia that should be on any potential Asia travel package. This historic land boasts a wealth of beautiful buildings, unique culture, and stunning landscapes. The spectacular Khru Minh City offers a fascinating tour of the old capital of Vietnam, while Hanoi’s floating market, the largest in the world, impresses travelers with its enormous size and scope. The floating market is well worth a day of shopping in Hanoi.

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Vietnam is by experiencing its cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine is said to be some of the best in the world, as it combines the finest fresh seafood from Hanoi’s abundant waters along with traditional Vietnamese ingredients. Hanoi’s delicious dishes are often served in small portions, so travelers can savor the delicious taste of their food without the large portion sizes typical of most Asian restaurants. If you are planning an east-west east coast Asia trip package including Vietnam, it would be worthwhile to include a stop in Hanoi’s largest city, Hanoi, for a dinner meal. The amazing Hoan Kiem Lake can provide tourists with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

While in Hanoi, stop in the old part of town and experience the fabulous Vietnam street food tour. Vendors of traditional Vietnamese meals along the street sell dishes such as Pho (stir-fried beef and chicken), tofu, egg rolls, and Vietnamese sandwiches. These unique and mouthwatering dishes truly make the experience worth remembering. An inexpensive Vietnam street food tour of the city will be an interesting and enlightening way to experience the flavors of Vietnam.


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