Travel agent for destination wedding

How can you find a travel agent for destination wedding planning? How can you use a travel agent to plan your destination nuptials? Where does the wedding planner start and where does the travel agent end? How can wedding deposit and room allowances work? How much does a travel agent to charge for his or her services? Here is a look at some of the questions you should ask any travel agent whom you are considering for your destination nuptials.

travel agent for destination wedding

Destination Wedding: A majority of your guests will be other couples. The people going to your destination nuptials may either be your close friends, family members or extended family members. Many people also plan on visiting their resort for part or all of the trip. In the case of those guests, a travel agent will probably be consulted. The travel agent will help you plan your resort accommodations, as well as how to get your guests to their resort in the most efficient way.

How do I book my hotel and what are the costs? Before your wedding, discuss the details with your travel professional. What rooms, suites and special features do you require and which resorts offer those? Do you want to reserve your resort or hotel long before your big day? Planning your resort accommodations well in advance will save you time and money.

What facilities does each resort offer? Many times we are presented with an impressive brochure from a travel agent, but we never really see or feel the facilities until we check out. Can we get a tour of these facilities? Does everyone at the resort speak English? Do they have places to exercise and golf?

Do your guests need to bring anything? Have your travel agent or groom-to-be, suggest alternative gifts or items that your guests might want to bring. Are there any restrictions on what your guests can bring? For example, some resorts have restrictions on pets (this could include dogs and cats) and other facilities such as pools.

Who are my wedding guests? You should always contract with a contracted group. If you are having your wedding at a beach resort, a contracted group of vacationers is likely. However, if you are having your wedding at a hotel, you may be dealing with a mix of different couples. At the time your travel agent for destination wedding packages wrote your offer, he/she may have only been working with couples who were planning their weddings at the same time. In order to receive the lowest price, you should try to deal with the contracted group.

What are the other amenities at the resorts I’m interested in? Most of the time, the resorts you are interested in will tell you about the luxuries that you will receive once you rent a vacation cottage, villa, or home. They will also have information about things you can do once you are there, such as golfing, water sports, tennis, hiking, dancing, and even shopping. Vacation packages usually include guidebooks and brochures with pictures of the rest of the resort, which you should take advantage of.

Will there be meals provided? Usually, your travel agent for destination wedding packages will be able to help you plan your meals. Some of the resorts offer buffets and dinner daily, while others may just provide coffee and snacks. There are even some resorts that provide a small sit down dinner for the reception! Look for a travel agent who offers the types of meals that you would like to eat at the resort.

Are there any special requests or limitations? When you rent a vacation cottage, villa, or house, some of the hotels and resorts require you to dress a certain way. Other resorts might not allow pets or require a specific type of gown. Before renting a travel agent for destination wedding packages, make sure you inquire about these requirements beforehand. If the person you are dealing with says no to any of your requests, it is probably a good idea to find someone else to plan your wedding.

What happens if something is planned so poorly and we have to cancel? A big part of planning your wedding is knowing when you will have to leave on your honeymoon. If your travel agent for destination wedding packages was able to book your resorts, villas, or cottages, they are obligated to provide you with a rental car and documentation that you will return to your wedding day. If they fail to do so, you are still legally responsible for the cost of your vacation. As a bride, it is not nice to think that our dream wedding will turn into a nightmare.

Another issue that often comes up when you are planning a wedding is what happens to the groom? Many people would be mortified if they had to leave their bride because they worked with a travel agent for a wedding. Unfortunately, if you work with a jack runoff, you may have to pick up your bride’s gown, jewelry, and anything else used for the ceremony. You may be out of luck if your travel agent for destination wedding packages does not provide coverage in this case.


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