Travelodge hershey – more than just a hotel

travelodge hershey

Travelodge Hershey is an elegant hotel and casino found in Temple, Pennsylvania, about thirty miles from Philadelphia. It is operated and owned by the Travelodge Family of hotels. A trip to Hershey will certainly provide you with the most luxurious experience as it is one of the best hotels of the world. Travelodge Hershey can be described as the largest of all its sister hotels in the city of Hershey, PA. It offers the traveler five star accommodation and also offers great value for money.

The hotel features a wide range of services that can suit your needs and budget. When you get your room, first of all you will find the front desk with congenial staff. In addition, there are separate suites that can be availed of at a reasonable rate. The suites feature fully furnished kitchens, fully equipped bedrooms, air conditioning system, cable tv, and telephone with a data port. All rooms have a fully equipped toilet with two bidets.

The hotel also has four restaurants where you can have your choice of meals and snacks. There are also continental and international dishes served on the dining tables. In addition, all rooms have television sets with a choice of premium channels, DVD player, and cable tv. All rooms have cable TV with access to various programs.

The casino offers you great dining facilities. These include the "aversion" buffet room that features excellent cuisine and an open bar. There is also the "Caveledo" banquet hall with an outstanding floor and view of the hustling and bustling city streets. The total area of these nine rooms and the two restaurants are approximately seventy-two thousand square feet.

The hotel features a shuttle service to the airport and to all the major sights throughout Hershey including the Cathedral of St John. All rooms have direct access to airport services and all the facilities listed above. Travelodge Hershey also features a high speed internet connection and digital telephone with a fully equipped digital answering system.

Reviewing the various aspects of this hotel in Hershey, it must be said that they are very affordable. This is also one of the few hotels in Hershey that offer value for money. Travelodge Hershey has five star quality, yet at an affordable price. Moreover, there are numerous value added services including free daily continental breakfast.

Travelodge Hershey also provides a host of value adding services such as babysitting and child care, laundry and dry cleaning, housekeeping, and fitness center with televisions. All these are very reasonably priced and come at very reasonable prices when compared to other hotels in Hershey. Travelodge Hershey has recently been ranked number four amongst the best rated hotels in Hershey. The overall customer satisfaction rating is ninety-three percent with most complaints regarding cleanliness being nonexistent.

The staff at Travelodge Hershey will make you feel at home. They will provide you with helpful advice about traveling and will offer suggestions on things to do and see in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Some of the things that they might suggest are things to do not worry about and things to do that will keep you very busy. If you are traveling with children, Travelodge Hershey can also provide special amenities for kids including swimming pools and playgrounds. When you stay at Travelodge, you can look forward to a very pleasant stay in Hershey, PA.


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