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There are many reasons why a US Permanent Resident might wish to travel to Canada. There are even more reasons than most people realize. In fact, the United States and Canada share many common things that lead to people choosing to make their travel to Canada an enjoyable experience. For instance, both the US and Canadian governments take an active interest in maintaining safe and responsible tourist destinations. As a result, both the US and Canadian governments offer a wide range of protections and benefits for visiting either country.

us permanent resident travel to canada

One of the main reasons why residents of the US choose to travel to Canada is due to the safety of their resident status. Many US citizens who are accused of crimes in other countries will not be allowed to apply for residency in the United States first. While this can happen in some circumstances, most of the time a US citizen will need to wait until they arrive in Canada to actually become a permanent resident. Being a resident of another country is also a reason why US citizens who are accused of criminal activities in Canada will often be excluded from returning to the US.

Another reason that people choose to make travel to Canada an option is due to the different work permits that each country has. In the case of Canada, their Work Allowances are much more generous than those in the United States. The laws surrounding immigration and the settlement of status also differ greatly between the two countries. For instance, a Canadian employment permit cannot be suspended simply because you have been accused of breaking the law in another country. In the United States, you are safe from immediately being taken away from your work if you are accused of any crimes.

Another important factor that most people consider when they are considering travel to Canada is the difficulty of immigrating to Canada. When compared to the United States, Canada has stricter requirements for its immigrants. After you apply for residency at a Canadian consulate, there is an in-depth interview where you are asked many questions regarding your background, your reasons for immigrating to Canada, and what you intend to do once you are a resident of the country. Even if you are not eligible to obtain Canadian citizenship, most experts would still advise that you at least acquire the necessary temporary resident permits in order to stay in the country.

Some might argue that if you are unable to obtain approval for residency in Canada you should not bother attempting to become a permanent resident of the country. This argument falls apart when you take into consideration the benefits and services that are available to you as a United States citizen. You will find that you are given access to health care, English language classes, social services, support for education, and financial assistance for housing and other expenses related to settling in Canada. Many US citizens who made the decision to visit Canada instead of the US found that it was a better option for them.

As we have said before, once you are a permanent resident of Canada you will also gain access to all of the benefits associated with citizenship. That means free medical care, free public schooling, access to higher education, and so much more. Some might argue that this is not true since immigrating to another country changes your status and that you are no longer a US citizen. However, that is not the case. When you travel to Canada as a United States citizen, for example, you will be accorded the same privileges accorded to any US citizen by the Canadian government.

Another reason why some might consider not moving north until they are old and gray is because they fear the social and economic changes that will occur once they are born. Some would even go as far as saying that they are afraid of the US immigration law. The truth is that when you are a permanent resident of Canada you have no stake in the immigration laws of the United States. Therefore, no one can tell you whether or not you will face immigration problems when you are born here.

In the end, we believe that it is a good idea to travel to Canada regardless of whether or not you are an American permanent resident or not. You will enjoy many of the same benefits that everyone else does. Immigrating to Canada is easier than most people think and if you are really committed to making this happen, then we highly recommend giving it a try. Who knows, you may be able to make your dreams come true by immigrating to Canada.


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